Colour Classic

Big thank you to mac memories for these rare 30 pin simms. I have now maxed out the colour classic to a whopping 10 megabytes of ram but it will now run open transport meaning when the ethernet cards arrive I can run an IPstack. Installation was simple – remove the trap door and pull out the logic board. Insert RAM and replace.

Open heart surgery

This isnt really MAC related but the macidiots laserjet 5m (the M is the postscript model) went through some open heart surgery to replace the paper input unit. This printer is a bit like Triggers’ broom in that it is really only the chassis that is original as I have replaced far too many parts on it. At least now the printer no longer jams every third page and the Mac’s (and PC’s) can print again!

Bridging the gap

This is my asante talk bridge. Very rare and hard to come by. It joins localtalk to ethertalk networks so all my macs old and new can see each other on the network.

LaserWriter Select 360

Here’s how we get from screen to print over our local talk network. This laserwriter is actually the best bits of two broken ones from ebay.

Cautionary tale is that toner is very hard to come by for these machines and the ones I have been able to obtain have been faulty due to the length of time they have been around.

PowerMAC 4k??

Just had to share this…my powermac 7600 with a G3 upgrade running on my 4k lounge telly over VGA.. I used to use this as my Appletalk bridge machine until I got my Asante Talk.